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Jennifer Russell, President

Jennifer Russell is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, having worked exclusively in high impact start-ups, most recently as president of an environmental chemical company, bringing over 40 new technology products to market. Her dedication to the intersection between creativity and productivity made her famous for "getting more done by accident than most people get done on purpose." Whether its guiding a cancer drug through the arduous process of testing and development or guiding an entrepreneur through the harrowing process of creating their business, Jennifer's insight and inspiration are bar none.

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Bryan Franklin, Senior Partner

Bryan Franklin comes to coaching on the entrepreneur's path. Bryan founded FranklinMedia Sound Design Group in 1994, just prior to finishing his studies at the University of Southern California (USC). FranklinMedia provided sound design services for motion pictures, television and certain high-visibility computer gaming companies. When Bryan sold his company in 2000, it was in the top 20 providers of sound design services to the entertainment industry. FranklinMedia achieved an important benchmark that year when MEMENTO, a film edited at FranklinMedia, was nominated for an Academy Award for editing.

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Marijo Franklin

Marijo Franklin, Founding Partner Emeritus

In 1989, Marijo Franklin founded the California Leadership Center, Inc., a team of consultants who use coaching as one way to produce change and growth - in individuals, their teams and their organizations.

Marijo created a personal and team development workshop called Leadership Practices© that has been received enthusiastically throughout Silicon Valley, and across the United States, Europe and Asia. From inception, Leadership Practices© participants were asked to pair up so they could coach one another in applying what they learned in Marijo's workshop.

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Lee Franklin

Lee Franklin, Partner Emeritus

Before becoming a coach, Lee Franklin had four distinct careers - two entrepreneurial and two corporate. During the 70s, he co-founded a public policy consulting firm in Washington, D.C. that still enjoys a national reputation as a most highly regarded firm in its field. Since then Lee was Vice President, Marketing and Sales at Sprint Communications, and more recently was president of a division of AirTouch Communications, which was acquired by Vodafone and is now part of Verizon. During the second half of the 80s, Lee designed, financed, constructed, operated and then sold an independent fiber optic telecom network, through a partnership developed with General Electric Credit Corp.

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Pamela Paul, Senior Associate

Pamela Paul comes to coaching after a ten-year teaching career followed by a twenty-year business career. She has worked in both corporate and non-profit environments, in domestic and international settings. She has coached entrepreneurs and business professionals in software and hi-tech companies, government agencies and health care. She uses a proven set of tools and techniques including 360 Degree Feedback Process, Cultural Assessments, Work-out Process and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She coaches individuals and teams on Leadership Practices, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Strategy and Execution. As a coach, Pamela is committed to facilitating communication and attaining results.

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Nathan Otto, Senior Associate

Nathan is a freelance humanitarian, entrepreneur, co-author of GIVE PEACE A DEADLINE, into the big questions, co-founder of Peace in Five Years www.p5y.org

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David Sals, Associate

David Sals is passionate about increasing trust and communication across all levels of an organization. As a business coach and consultant, David works with executives and upper management to help them navigate professional relationships, operate more effectively and increase their reach, influence and perceived value within their organizations. He also works with entrepreneurs and new managers, supporting them to become powerful leaders who know how to maximize the potential of their teams.

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