"I want my executive team to perform
at its absolute best."

What do you want?

I. Team Development

We work with our clients to develop themselves and their people while getting the business results they want - quickly. The need to grow, to compete, to evolve the technology, sometimes to merge successfully - these all require increased alignment and better execution at all levels in the organization.

Our approach is centered in the notion that growth happens naturally from the inside out. Whether it's a seed, an individual or a company, change happens first at the core, and then spreads. Since 1989 we have worked with thought leaders including Stephen Covey (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline), Jerry Pouras (Built to Last), Kathi Dannemiller (Whole Scale Change), Jake Jacobs (Real Time Strategic Change), and Noel Tichy (Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will). We've tested and adapted, and sometimes extended or modified their most compelling theories. But it's our work with clients that makes them real.

Leadership Practices© is a two-day workshop for all employees that creates a foundation for our work with the organization. We focus on behaviors of effective individuals and organizations. We customize the list to ensure alignment with the Company's values. When people commit to practicing these behaviors together, results accelerate.

II. Coaching

Through individual and team coaching, employees increase their effectiveness while integrating Leadership Practices©. They learn to identity and remove roadblocks they formerly might have complained about.

Deep Coaching

The essence of our coaching is gaining clarity about what the individual or team wants, and then - by applying Leadership Practices© behaviors - learning to get it with relative ease.

Sometimes clients' closely-held (often invisible) beliefs, about themselves in relation to the world around them, stand in the way of getting what they want. In these cases, we offer Deep Coaching, a body of methods proven to produce deep, lasting, personal change at the levels of behavior, capability, belief and identify.

360-degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is a common tool for helping people see their areas of strength and challenge. Having worked with thousands of people as they receive and decide what to do about feedback, our belief is that when feedback is processed not solely by the recipient, but by the recipient together with the team that supplied it, then the whole team can agree on how to interact differently, so feedback results are more visible, and therefore they're experienced as more real.

Meeting Observation

We often observe meetings to see first hand the way clients are performing. This gives us insights for follow-on coaching/interventions.

When we help an organization align its vision and values, its strategy and objectives, we create the foundation for business success. While many companies use MBOs to assign quarterly objectives, most don't ensure they're aligned cross-functionally. We use a simple process that avoids overlapping or conflicting objectives, and keeps things from falling through the cracks.

III. Meeting Facilitation

We facilitate team and cross-functional group meetings to insure that business results are on track, and that Leadership Practices© concepts and processes are contributing in every way possible to attainment of business goals. From seeing how to apply the tools, employees learn how to use them on their own.

IV. Win/Win Agreements

Client productivity is increased by our facilitating agreements between people or teams to remove obstacles and to speed up implementation.

V. Large Scale Meetings

This approach is used to get input, understanding, solutions and commitment to immediate, concerted action, on a pressing business problem, from all levels and all functions in the organization.

We have facilitated large scale meetings of as many as 300 employees, to adopt, revise and get immediate traction on a new strategy for the company.

Amazing results are normal when our inside-out processes are followed.

We've helped executives at these companies achieve extraordinary results:

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