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Lee Franklin

Lee Franklin, Partner Emeritus

Before becoming a coach, Lee Franklin had four distinct careers - two entrepreneurial and two corporate. During the 70s, he co-founded a public policy consulting firm in Washington, D.C. that still enjoys a national reputation as a most highly regarded firm in its field. Since then Lee was Vice President, Marketing and Sales at Sprint Communications, and more recently was president of a division of AirTouch Communications, which was acquired by Vodafone and is now part of Verizon. During the second half of the 80s, Lee designed, financed, constructed, operated and then sold an independent fiber optic telecom network, through a partnership developed with General Electric Credit Corp.

Lee has been president four times and CEO once, he has served on boards and reported to a board. He's a graduate of Williams College and Harvard Business School.

What Lee Says about his Work

"I've been an executive coach since 1995."

"For me, coaching is a deep commitment to the growth and accomplishments of client managers and leaders. The impact of coaching shows up in increased effectiveness with subordinates, with peers and with those to whom they report. Clients become clearer about what they want to accomplish, and they learn to get it with less struggle."

"Their relationships get stronger and their results improve markedly. I coach from a body of ideas about personal and organizational effectiveness brought together over the past fifteen years at the California Leadership Center. These ideas are boiled down to a powerful and coherent (yet simple) set of principles and practices that we share through an experiential learning model. From it, clients get insights and we work together to apply them. Clients are intrigued with the additional leverage they get across their lives."

"For clients with more deeply held limiting beliefs about themselves and their worlds, we have more powerful tools for helping them to change their minds. For example, I'm a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)."

"I meet with my clients, usually once every two weeks for up to two hours. Sometimes it's helpful for me to sit in on staff or other meetings to observe my client being active in key relationships. Occasionally, clients ask me to facilitate team development sessions, results acceleration project teams, and problem relationship resolutions."

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Philippe Depallens, Director of Engineering, Video Business Unit

Joe Sullivan, Sr VP, Worldwide Operations


Aki Fujimora, CTO
Cadence Design Systems

Trevor Thorely, President & CEO
Valent, USA

Theresa Reynolds, Director
Genentech, Inc.

Lea Aukerman, Senior Director
Chiron Corp.

Carmela Castellano, President & CEO
California Primary Care Association (Sacramento)

Juliette Sultan, VP Americas Marketing
Business Objects

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