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Bryan Franklin, Senior Partner

Bryan Franklin comes to coaching on the entrepreneur's path. Bryan founded FranklinMedia Sound Design Group in 1994, just prior to finishing his studies at the University of Southern California (USC). FranklinMedia provided sound design services for motion pictures, television and certain high-visibility computer gaming companies. When Bryan sold his company in 2000, it was in the top 20 providers of sound design services to the entertainment industry. FranklinMedia achieved an important benchmark that year when MEMENTO, a film edited at FranklinMedia, was nominated for an Academy Award for editing.

Since 2000, Bryan has become the trusted advisor of some of Silicon Valley's most powerful leaders, acting as a coach and confidant on the highest leverage issues that face any business leader.

What Makes Bryan Tick:

Bryan on Bryan:

I am dedicated to you actually getting what you want. I can't help it.

I've been one of the world's most successful executive coaches for the last decade, and together with my partner in business and in life, Jennifer, I'm now in the iterative process of developing the most impactful group experiences available in the planet.

In the pursuit of helping people get everything they want, I've come to notice that almost everything we think as a culture about human change, motivation, transformation, and potential is wrong. It wasn't always wrong. In fact, in many cases it is wrong now because it was effective when it was first discovered, developed, adapted, or adopted. Almost everyone in the business of causing change is using a model that was perfected for a 1970s Western culture that simply doesn't exist today. We have been trained that having an emotional 'breakthrough' means that we are in store for some real change in our lives. Together as a community of facilitators, coaches, and trainers, we have perfected the art of causing the emotional stages that look like breakthrough and we're farther than ever from causing any meaningful change. Change where you don't have to remember to be different. There is a new model that does work for today’s culture. There is a 'next level' beyond broken modalities such as 'accountability coaching' and 'the law of attraction'. My work now is teaching people to open their eyes and see what really happens to choose actually impacting the world over just providing emotional entertainment.

As a culture, we are pretty comfortable with the idea that our beliefs create a lens that we view and experience the world through and that we have 'limiting beliefs' that 'hold us back' from being the truly excellent beings we were meant to be. This is part right. A world cannot be experienced except by using the efficient model of believing, or building prefab conclusions built on one another to create a workable abstract. So yes, you do see what you believe. However, all beliefs are equally limiting and you are absolutely the last person on the planet to be able to do any kind of root cause analysis on the relationship between specific beliefs and their specific effect on what is possible in your world view. If you want what all people want unfettered access to your 'potential' then the fewer beliefs the better."

"Bryan is an incredibly intelligent, talented, and creative executive/team coach with an uncanny ability to diagnose issues and rapidly eradicate them."
Kathryn Kranen, CEO

"Hiring Bryan to help with the growth of our company has easily been the best decision we have made in the last five years. From the very first meeting his insight and direct and appropriate feedback provided immediate results. Working with Bryan is like striking gold."
RC Peck, CEO

"Bryan is a great executive coach. Working with Bryan enabled me to quickly identify opportunities where I could be more effective and put specific action plans in place. Bryan also helped me with strategies to improve communication with my peers and increase the overall effectiveness of our team. I think of Bryan as the Sales VP's equivalent of Tiger Woods swing coach!"
Duke Lambert, VP Sales

"Bryan's greatest strength is his ability to view complex situations holistically and help others do the same. Beyond that, Bryan's coaching helped me move concretely from effective planning into first rate execution. I highly recommend him."
Chris Bull, General Manager

"The results of our work with Bryan have been nothing short of amazing. Our business has tripled over the last several years, and I attribute much of our success to the wisdom and insight gained through Bryan's coaching. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Bryan to anyone looking to grow their business."
Nick Thomas, Founder and President

"Bryan and his partners provided services ranging from program management, training on engineering schedule management, teambuilding and executive coaching and in all areas the services were high quality and effective."
Penny Herscher, CEO

"Bryan has amazing insights into people, their interactions and consequently the business problems they face. Along with his impressive listening skills and extensive patience, his ability to communicate, using simple models, changes the way people look at the situation they are in & absolutely changes their behavior. The harder the problem, the more vital Bryan is to being part of any company or person's solution. A great coach."
Richard Greene, EVP Sales

"Bryan has a very balanced background that allows him to operate very effectively with a wide variety of people. I worked with him closely on redefining the strategic direction of CoWare when a CEO transition was taking place. He helped facilitate a company wide workshop that began the process of change for our company. He continued to follow up with us afterwards and provided excellent coaching as we moved in our planned direction. Integrity, trust, and competence are traits that I seek out in people and Bryan exudes all of the above."
Tim Herbert, VP Sales

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